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Confidence, Commitment, and
are the cornerstones of our services. 

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To be the leading home care service provider in Indiana, elevating the lives of the clients entrusted to us…


We believe that every individual possesses unique gifts and potential waiting to be realized.

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At Home of My Own, we aim to provide a service that meets an Individual’s needs.

“To be the leading home care service provider in Indiana, elevating the lives of the
clients entrusted to us, while committing to high-quality standards, and adopting a
compassion-driven culture.
We strive to create the best experiences for our clientele where personalized care,
professionalism, and empathy converge, empowering those we serve to maintain their
independence and dignity throughout their journey.” 

“To foster a nurturing and top quality environment, promoting independence, building meaningful connections, and inspiring hope for our clients and partners.” Our welcoming energy here at A Home of My Own will ensure that our clients will feel as if they are in their own homes especially in the moments of their vulnerability and limitations. By providing clinical excellence, exceptional service, and compassionate care, we aim to excel in our delivery of our services.”
Rasheedah Krebs, A dedicated wife and mother of 5, her journey began as a foster child. Although this came with a variety of hardships and setbacks, it served as a blessing because it embedded a desire and willingness in her to help others. She became an LPN to take care of herself and family, not knowing that one day, it would ignite a compassion to serve those who are facing medical ailments while dealing with daily life hardships.

Services We


Confidence, Commitment, and Compassion are the cornerstones of our services. With a focus on respect, integrity, and personalized care, we provide the following for our clients: 

Light House Keeping

Light housekeeping refers to the routine maintenance and cleanliness tasks performed to keep a living or working space organized and tidy.

Assist with Medication Administration

A vital service dedicated to supporting individuals in managing their prescribed medications effectively.


Designed to provide support and care for individuals who may face challenges in independently meeting their nutritional needs.


Companionship services bring warmth and connection into the lives of individuals seeking meaningful social interactions.

Medication Prep & Reminders

Aimed at ensuring the seamless and organized management of prescribed medications.

Assist with Transfer

A supportive service designed to facilitate safe and comfortable movement for individuals facing mobility challenges.

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“From initially struggling to sit upright and stand up, to now being able to independently navigate his surroundings, and stand with minimal support, Thomas has achieved a significant milestone.”


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